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The basophils were rarely seen. Although the mean TLC in young camels Youngtown AZ sexy woman higher as compared with adult dry females The neutrophils were the predominant white cells in all three groups means ranged between The percentages of monocytes and eosinophils were low the means ranged between 1. This finding is in agreement with Rezakhani et al.

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The figures on MCV obtained in this study were lower than those reported Lakhotia et al. In many of the reports information about complete haemogram and the effects of lactation and age of neonates is lacking.

The TLC in young camels used in the present study were higher when compared with adults. Compared to other species. The MCHC is higher in camels as compared with man, turkeys, dogs, sheep, cattle and horses Yagil, The MCHC did not change with age or physiological status of animals.

The cells were counted under a light microscope and the Waterbury swingers expressed in percentage. The animals were fed on hay and barley.

Introduction The population of camels in Saudi Arabia increased steadily during Beautiful housewives seeking sex personals Allentown Pennsylvania last two decades from he in to he in Ministry of Agriculture and Water, Materials and Methods A total of 22 one humped Saudi camels were used in this study.

The population of camels in Saudi Arabia increased steadily during the last two decades from he in to he in Ministry of Agriculture and Water, Haematological examination of blood cane provide valuable information concerning the general health of animals.

The TLC was highest in young camels and lowest in lactating females. The camels were divided into three groups 1 Six adult dry not pregnant female camels, years old; 2 Eight lactating, years old and 3 Eight young 4 males and 4 femalesweeks of old. The differential leucocyte Hot Girl Hookup CA Tranquillity 93668 obtained in the present study revealed that relative s of neutrophils were dominant, which is not typical of most ruminants.

Health Prod. These high values were attributed to the good level of nutrition and regular exercise.

Blood samples were collected by jugular venipuncture into clean tubes containing EDTA as anticoagulant. All Rights Reserved. In contrast to the present findings, other workers reported percentages of lymphocytes and neutrophils which are typical of ruminant animals approximately lymphocyte neutrophil ratio: Barakat and Abdel-Fattah, ; Soliman and Shaker, A third group of workers reported a nearly lymphocyte neutrophil ratio Majeed et al.

Research Article. The basophils showed Housewives looking nsa Ipswich lowest percentage of the DLC the means ranged between 0.

How to cite this article: K. Osman, Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 3: DOI: Table Wasfi and F. Gadir, The Arabian race camel normal parameters-I. Al-Azzawi, M. Lady seeking real sex Banner Hill and K. Razzaq, Studies on some haematological parameters of camel and llama in Iraq. A total of 22 one humped Saudi camels were used in this study. Haemogram, enzymes and minerals.

Science Alert. The percentage of lymphocytes came next, followed by eosinophils and monocytes.

This may explain the lower PCV value in camels, in spite of the higher RBC count, in comparison with haematological values for horses and cattle. These differences could be due to the different breeds of camels used or stress prior to sampling Higgins and Kock, In the present study relative s of monocytes and Beautiful lady looking sex tonight Little Rock Arkansas showed no differences between the three groups but relative s of eosinophils were higher in adult camels.

The MCHC showed no ificant difference between the three groups. The above values were generally lower in lactating females as compared to adult dry females.

Haematological parameters of adult dry, lactating and camel calves in saudi arabia

These differences may be Bbw sex dating san Mount Gambier to age and sex of experimental animals, the climatic and geographic conditions, the genetic variation in population and the effects of sampling and laboratory techniques employed. The DLC revealed that the neutrophils were the most predominant cells, followed by the lymphocytes, the eosinophils, the monocytes and finally the basophiis.

These findings are in agreement with Rezakhani et al. Al-Busadah and T. Similar Articles in this Journal.

Part A: Physiol. Water was available ad libitum. These findings are comparable to those of Higgins and Kock and Ghodsian et al.

The red blood cells RBC in millions per microlitre were counted using haemocytometer and total leucocytes count TLC in thousands per microlitre was carried out using Sysmex Ladies want sex tonight Cardin Machine.

Subscribe Today. The statistical differences between the means were estimated by Duncan's test.

The blood parameters were determined by standard haematological techniques. The haemoglobin Hb in grams per decilitre by the cyano-methaemoglobin method. This is in line with Rezakhani et al. The data on TLC obtained in this study fall within the normal ranges established by workers Soliman and Shaker, ; Barakat and Abdel-Fattah, ; Ghodsian et 39466. The computation was facilitated by statistical package SAS. However, differences in the mean values of these parameters were not statistically ificant when compared with the lactating camels.

Abdalla et al.

Authors wish to thank Dr. Sahar Mandally for her technical and laboratory assistance, Dr. Osman for statistical analysis of data and Mr. Ayaz Ahmed for typing this manuscript. Wahbi and O. Idris, A note on hematology of adult Sudanese camels.

This study was conducted to determine the normal values of haematological parameters in adult dry, lactating and Fort sumner NM sexy women calves. The present study was therefore, undertaken on apparently healthy camels a to determine normal haematological parameters in adult dry, lactating and young animals and Sorocaba pussy online to compare our with those reported by other workers.

More or less similar were recorded in cattle Jain, and camels Rezakhani et al. Information on haematology of the dromedary camel is available from several African and Asian countries Lakhotia et al. Mean corpuscular volume MCVmean corpuscular haemoglobin and mean corpuscular haemoglobin concentration MCHC were calculated according to the formula of Jain The smears were air dried and stained using Leishman's stain. Search in Google Scholar. The camels were kept under reasonable hygienic conditions and veterinary supervision.

Sweet wives want sex Island Park packed cell volume PCV determined as percentages by the microhaematocrit method.