Our Facilities

10 min Class Test:

One important and unique feature of aurobinda tutorials is the 10 minute class test on daily basis. This process helps the students to attend and prepare for their classes regularly. After completion of each class a 10 minute test is taken on the topic which encourage the students to attend their classes more effectively. It is imperative that if the students take these tests seriously, they stand to gain immensely and will be surely benefitted.


Mock Test:

Mock tests truly represent the flavor of the competitive examinations. The pattern of questions, marks distributions, durations of the examinations etc. is set as per the guidelines of the relevant examinations. Depending upon the particular examination, the nature and the number of Mock tests will vary. These mock tests immensely help the students to correctly assess themselves and fully and finally prepare for the competitive examinations taking suitable course corrections.


Performance Report:

The Performance report system serves as an effective tool for (a) monitoring performance and progress of a student (b) feed back to individual students and recommendation for course corrections (c) opportunity also for the guardians to know the progress made by the students.

Computerized reports are made available to the students individually for discussions and guidance.


Study Material:

Study materials are prepared by eminent faculties and in consultation with the successful professionals in the field. The institute boasts on the quality and uniqueness of the materials as an effective guide for the aspiring students.

1. Study material for the students of WBCS and Advanced Regular Combined Course.

2. Special study materials for various types of examinations.

3. Questions and model answers for Mock Tests.